contribute our grain of sand

Ever since the illegal interference and attacks on Ukraine were unleashed, we have been thinking of the most appropriate way to join the mobilizations and actions to help the Ukrainian citizens who, without being guilty, have seen their life reduced to a suitcase and having some option to escape from that hell.
Last week we launched 2 9-seater VAN vehicles to mobilize as many families as possible to Spain. Families mostly made up of children, women and the elderly who, thanks to the selfless help of many Spanish families, will be able to flee from that living hell in order to have a second chance and be able to move on with a just and dignified life.
Part of our team has covered almost 7 thousand kilometers in an uncertain journey but driven by the good work and kindness that we need at this time to continue trusting in human beings.
This is a private initiative and which has already generated a second mobilization, right now a bus is on its way to the Polish-Ukrainian border with people who will be able in a small part to forget and alleviate their pain.
As it is a private initiative, we invite all friends, clients and citizens in general to participate in it, any type of help adds exponentially to the improvement in our work to move away from this violation of human rights. To collaborate you can ask on our social networks such as those of OfBlue or enter the following link to learn more about these grants.

Shelter aid for private families in Spain for people and families fleeing the conflict in Ukraine