Galeon Yachts celebrates its 40th anniversary!

Our partner Galeon Yachts celebrates 40 years.
The Polish shipyard already has 40 years of history and two generations in its management.
The growth of Galeon Yachts is exponential every year. They have 27 yacht models that do not leave any type of buyer indifferent:

  • Galeon from 30 to 40 feet.
    300 FLY
    3120 HTC
    325 GTO
    360 fly
    365 HTS
    370 HTC


  • Galeon from 40 to 50 feet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      400 FLY
    410 HTC
    420 FLY
    430 HTC
    430 SKYDECK
    460 FLY
    470 SKYDECK
    485 HTS


  • Galeon over 50 feet                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            500 FLY
    510 SKYDECK
    550 FLY
    560 SKYDECK
    640 FLY
    650 SKYDECK
    680 FLY
    700 SKYDECK
    800 FLY

We invite you to discover them all in our section for: Galeon Yachts

In all this time of development and maturation of the product, Galeon Yachts has achieved that its line, modern and daring with solutions that you would only expect in Mega-Yachts, is considered in Asian, European and American markets.

Its expansion is consolidated thanks to its good work and its passion for this world that dazzles us all.

From Don Marino Boats we want to wish you many more years of progress, growth and prosperity. Let all this be from our hand. Both the human team and the product are of unmatched quality.
Here’s to many more years making our customers’ dreams come true!
Galeon Yachts.