With the Quicksilver 505 Open, you’ll want to be on the water all day. Whether it’s for fishing, relaxing, or a bit of both. The boat looks sportive on the outside and feels spacious from within. Just how spacious? Get aboard with up to 5 people and discover its interplay of practicality, ergonomics and comfort. The Activ 505 Open also comes in a Smart Edition that includes its most popular options.



Especificaciones Técnicas/ Technical Specs

Eslora (Length w/ Swim Platform): 5,03 m
Manga (Beam): 2,12 m
Peso (Weight): 582 Kg
Combustible (Fuel Type): Gasolina
Capacidad Combustible (Fuel Capacity): 90 Ltr
Motorización (Engine): 60  Cv/Hp
Velocidad Crucero (Cruise Speed): 21  mph