The Quicksilver 675 Open ’s sportive and dynamic design makes heads turn. Hit the water with a group of maximum 8 people and explore all of the boat’s features. A Mercury engine with up to 225 hp makes sure you’ll get off to a fast start. There’s also a Smart Edition available that offers you the Activ 675 Open’s most popular options in one attractively priced pack.



Especificaciones Técnicas/ Technical Specs

Eslora (Length w/ Swim Platform): 6,66 m
Manga (Beam): 2,55 m
Peso (Weight): 1.084 Kg
Combustible (Fuel Type): Gasolina
Capacidad Combustible (Fuel Capacity): 200 Ltr
Motorización (Engine): 150  Cv/Hp
Velocidad Crucero (Cruise Speed): 28  mph