Quicksilver 605 OPEN – Sold

On this occasion we are pleased to inform you that a new unit of Quicksilver 605 Open is leaving our facilities to the delight of its new owners.

In a very “busy” year, our stock is of great pleasure to our customers. All the Monterey Boats, Galeon Yachts and Quicksilver Boats models that we have had in our exhibition have caused a furor on our website and digital platforms. Leaving us with 60% of the stock sold for the 2022 season.

The versatility of the 605 Open model made this choice, which was “love at first sight”, a logical and personalized option for the use that our client wanted to give to this boat that he can enjoy from today as it is stock with immediate delivery.

The Quicksilver 605 Open is one of the fishermen’s favorite models due to its open bow and stern configuration and because it comes with already installed rod holders as an extra. But, it is also chosen by many sun lovers on our shores of the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to the fact that only the basic navigation license is necessary to be able to navigate with our 605, it makes it a perfect option for a wide range of public.

If you want to know more about this and other boats in our STOCK with immediate delivery, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be able to assist you by call, appointment or video call.

Especificaciones Técnicas 605 Open/ Technical Specs

Eslora (Length w/ Swim Platform): 5,95 m
Manga (Beam): 2,40 m
Peso (Weight): 904 Kg
Combustible (Fuel Type): Gasolina
Capacidad Combustible (Fuel Capacity): 160 Ltr
Motorización (Engine): 115  Cv/Hp
Velocidad Crucero (Cruise Speed):  mph

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