Second expedition to Ukraine.

Our second expedition to the Polish-Ukrainian border has already become a reality (Know all the details about the first expedition to Ukraine: HERE).

Last Friday our colleagues left to organize the mobilization of more than 50 people in the bus that we floated for this task.

There in Ukraine, we prepared bags with necessary items for all the people who, thanks to the help of friends and people interested in the initiative, will now be able to resume their lives, in peace and tranquility as they deserve.

There are many people involved in this private project that we at Don Marino launched. We have financial contributions, foster homes, food, medicines, clothes and other necessary things for all these brave people who return to resume their lives in Spain.

In a trip of so many kilometers together we were able to go through the pain of leaving home to the excitement, laughter and nervousness of a new adventure and what is more important, a new opportunity. We were even able to celebrate a birthday during the trip!

We are already looking forward to making a third trip a reality and for this we invite you to ask us on our social networks, email or by visiting Don Marino Boats how you can help and contribute to this initiative.

If you want more information, you can consult this link:

Find out how you can collaborate with our initiative.