#2 – My Boat´S Best Fuel Economy

HOW CAN I ACHIEVE MY BOAT´S BEST FUEL ECONOMY? If you have not yet read Rule #1 & Rule #2, click here. Reaching the longest Nm/l (or Nm/gal) - Rule #3 & Rule #4 Rule #3: Run your boat at planing speed (anywhere between 3000-3500rpm) With a car we would say, run the engine somewhere between 1750-2500rpm in order to
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#1 – My boat´s best fuel economy

HOW CAN I ACHIEVE MY BOAT´S BEST FUEL ECONOMY? This is a very broad question that we get asked quite often. How can I reach my boat ́s best fuel economy? It all depends on your purpose. Is your goal to cover the longest distance (Nm/L or Nm/Gal) or to use your boat the longest amount of hours (L/h or
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Propulsion Systems – Don Marino Boats

PROPULSION SYSTEMS Different to cars, that are only offered with one transmision to deliver engine torque to the wheels, boats got either outboards, sterndrives, forward facing sterndrives, surface drives, shafts and jets. To make your life easier we will explain really quickly the advantages and disadvantages of each of them: Outboards: Low maintenance and nowadays super smooth. Having a black, silver
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Buying a boat in Spain

BUYING A BOAT IN SPAIN WHY BUYING IN SPAIN Don´t make the mistake of buying your brand new boat or brand new yacht in the UK and then ship it to Spain because retail prices will be higher and  service speed and quality you will get from a UK based company to Spain will not be as great, warranted! Around
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